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We Handle All of Your Garage Doors Installation in Lancaster County, PA

Looking for a new garage door? Have a garage door in need of service? Whatever your garage door needs, Rissler Garage Doors is here for you. Garage doors are our business. We handle installation, as well as repair, as well as service of both garage doors and garage door openers. Our service area is Lancaster County, Chester County and Berks County, though we have been known to go a little beyond these areas, so give us a call; we will be happy to tell you what we can do for you.

While many people think of garage doors as utilitarian ways to access the inside of their garages, picture your house. How much of your home’s appearance from the curb is represented by and influenced by the garage doors? If your home has a traditional design, the garage doors are not only visible from the curb, but also make up a significant portion of your home’s front. Make sure your home is as attractive as you want it to be. Choose a garage door that highlights and enhances the appearance of your home. The choices are plenteous, from natural wood garage doors to attractive and lower-maintenance steel doors, to beautiful glass doors, each with a variety of options that will make your home stand out. 

While many home improvement projects can be DIY jobs, garage door installation is one project that is better left to the pros. Overhead door installation includes ensuring that springs are installed correctly. If handled or installed incorrectly, these springs can be dangerous, even lethal. So, even if you choose another company, we urge you to leave your garage door projects to the pros. 

Ready to get started? Give us a call. We offer free, no-obligation estimates. Our salespeople can look at your project, show you what type of doors we have available, and discuss both price and delivery estimates.

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